Best 9 / 2017

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2017 has been an amazing year in every aspect of my life! But that’s a story for another post. Here are some of my personal favorite work from 2017. Thanks everyone for the support throughout the year. Feeling very grateful for all of the opportunities and very excited to start another year doing what I love!
1- Fladen 2- People Socks 3- Earth Made 4- Torpeden 5- Calendar 6- Iced Tea 7- Smile Blends 8- FPC 9- Breakthrough Chocolates

Zeki Michael

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Stoked to introduce my new intern, Zeki Michael. Below is the design that he did to celebrate his 2nd week at the studio!! Make sure to check out his Dribbble and Behance pages and give him a follow!!

Next Intern

I am looking for my next design intern or junior designer to come work with me part-time at my studio in Barcelona, Spain. Send your applications here:

Looking forward to meeting awesome people and seeing cool work!


8 Fingers

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Happy International Women’s Day to all the wonderful women I know, especially 8 Fingers business owners! Here are a few pictures of the menu I recently designed for them. If you are in Istanbul and happen to be around the area, don’t forget to show them love and support. They offer great food and a cozy ambience.


Letterpress Calendar 2017

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Just got my designer copy of the 2017 letterpress calendar from my great friend the Fabian Mr-Cup. So happy to be part of a project that gets better and more exciting every year! Grab your copy on before it sells out if you are interested!
Letterpress Calendar 2017

Letterpress Calendar 2017

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Letterpress Calendar 2017 Cover

Really way too stoked to be part of my great friend Fabian Barral’s latest letterpress calendar project for 2017. The project is now live and available for pre-order on Kickstarter. Go back it to get some great artwork from myself and other designer friends! This year’s cover design by the talented Kevin Cantrell.

Huel featured on AIGA

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AIGA Eye on design

Such an honor to see my identity design for Huel featured on AIGA’s design blog Eye on Design.

Below is an extract about my work from the article.

Huel (Human + Fuel) founder Julian Hearn says, “We wanted a modern but timeless identity system that needed to represent the brand’s ethos to help simplify life. We felt that too often food packaging is overly colorful and busy, so instead of shouting louder we took the opposite approach, less is more.” The Huel team worked with designer Salih Kucukaga to develop their packaging, who’s visual references ranged from “Epcot logos, to religious iconography in Pisa, to the Latvian god of the harvest Jumis. But eventually they were whittled down to the Swiss style, and a few specific brands such Rapha and Blue Bottle Coffee.”

I asked Hearn why he thinks capital-M Minimalist Modern has become the go-to aesthetic for Complete Food systems. He says it’s all about getting back to basics. “As a population we have made food so delicious that we crave it, get addicted to it, and over consume it. The fact that Complete Food goes against the norm in terms of focusing on the primary purpose of food, e.g. nutrition rather than exclusively taste, has attracted similar founders. I believe the common goal is to strip away the unnecessary additives, flavors, packaging, and preparation. The result is the minimalist aesthetic you see in many of the brands in this space.”

Read the whole article on

Creative South 2016

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I am in Columbus, Georgia for Creative South! So excited to see everyone!

Check back the blog soon. Lots of photos will be added here!


Gaziantep Font

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Super stoked to have been able to work on this custom font for my good friends over at I mean it Creative. It’s part of a branding project for the city of Gaziantep that is designed and developed by I mean it. It’s been such an honor and a pleasure to develop the official font for the project with Emrah Yucel and his team. Check out the full project on and to download the font.