Huel brand launch

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Very excited about the launch of my fabulous client’s new brand Huel. I was hired to do the branding & packaging for Huel which is nutritionally complete powdered food​ ​that contains all the protein, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals your body needs​. Very excited to see the project is finally live and you can now order Huel at: and the branded merch at

Union Station LA

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One of the great benefits of living in Downtown Los Angeles is the opportunity to see amazing architecture. I’m especially a huge fan of Art Deco and Mid Century Modern themes. The Union Station is certainly one of my favorite buildings in Downtown LA. The consistent Art Deco themes are inspiring. It was designed by the brilliant John Parkinson who designed most of LA’s other iconic buildings: The City Hall, The Rowan and LA Memorial Coliseum, to name a few.

I’m excited about this new illustration series of Downtown LA that I’ve started with Union Station.

More to come!

PS. I posted a few photos of Union Station on to my photo diary. Click here to see.

Union Station Los Angeles

Recent work & New website

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Just a quick heads up that I’m currently working on a new version of my website. It’s been quite a while since I last updated the work section. I’ve been really busy and social media channels made things so easy for me to post work or photos. A huge update will be made on the work section as well as on the other sections. Stay tuned for the brand new website! Until then, check out my social media accounts to see what I’m currently working on and subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of the page.

Here is a quick selection of my latest work from my Dribbble account… Cheers…

Redlands Creatives Meetup

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I enjoyed speaking at the Guild‘s Creatives Meetup in Redlands, California recently. I spoke about logos, design and travel. It was an honor meeting and speaking to all the wonderful creatives in Redlands. Thanks to everyone who came out! Thank you to Augie’s Coffee House for hosting us and also a huge thank you to my man Paul (AKA Sir Loka Co) and his lady CiCi!

The little stone

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I don’t normally write about personal things on my internet site. There’s the Twitter for that. But I want to write about the most valuable gift I’ve ever had from a friend…

It’s a stone, just an ordinary little stone that my good buddy David Henzel gave to me at his house in the Valley a couple of months back. Read his original blog post on his website about the stone philosophy.

David made me realize that we frequently allow little things to make us unhappy in life. In fact, they are -usually- not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of the things.

Since then, whenever my head feels clouded or things go so wrong, I take the stone out of my pocket and I go through the things that I am grateful for – My healthy body, my loved ones, my career and etc.

I also think of this little stone in my fingers has been existing in the universe for billion years and it will be still existing after me. I suddenly feel the peace…

So try it! Go pick up a stone that fits in your pocket and use it as David recommends:

Thanks David. God bless you, man.


Dribbble Gift Guide

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So thankful that my design for Bare Tea Co. made it on to Dribbble gift guide! Check the full guide here. Lots of great stuff… I want most of them!

Human Logo Book

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I’m so excited to have my work for Spori included in the Counter-Print’s newest book; Human Logo: Trademarks & Symbols. “This title explores the theme of people-based logos and is categorised in sections such as bodies, hands, hearts, eyes and faces. The book contains over 300 logos from some of the world’s leading design companies.”


Ellie’s Table visit

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My client, Jay’s Catering, recently invited me to visit their newly opened cafe, Ellie’s Table in San Clemente. My very talented friend, Brian Rau, designed Ellie’s Table’s branding. We have been working with Brian and company manager, Armand Barragan, on Jay’s Catering’s new website over the past couple of months. We shared our thoughts on the new designs while having some legit coffee and croissants at Ellie’s Table. You can check out the new website’s design process on my Dribbble account and explore the freshly launched website directly on
Ellie's Table
Ellie's Table
Armand & BrianEllie's Table WallEllie's Table Croissant
Brian Rau & Armand Barragan
Ellie's Table Coffee Cup
Ellie's Table Menu
Ellie's Table
Ellie's Table
Ellie's Table Packaging Design
San Clemente Beach
Hapiness is Homemade
Ellie's Table